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Tuesday 2016 March 29

教學: 用 Ubuntu Linux (64bit) 環境使用 Juniper SSL VPN (免裝 32bit Java) (zh_TW)

文章內容已於新站更新,請至 閱讀最新內容

Juniper SSL VPN 常被用在各種地方,包括台灣各國立大學也都有由 TWAREN 所提供的服務。
因為它對於 64bit Linux 的支援問題,要在 Ubuntu (Linux) 64bit 上使用並不容易
如果你不希望只為了用它而得多裝一套肥大的 32bit Java,這篇就是你要的教學文

If you want English HOWTO, check English version HERE

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HOWTO: Ubuntu Linux (64bit) Client connect to Juniper SSL VPN, without 32bit Java (en)

Juniper SSL VPN is widely been used in many places, including almost every National University in Taiwan, provided by TWAREN.
Using Ubuntu (Linux) 64bit as client to connect to it is not painless, but Pain-in-the-Ass.
If you don't want to install another HUGE 32bit Java just for it, this is the right HOWTO Guide for you.

If you want Chinese HOWTO, check 中文版教學

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Saturday 2015 December 26

在 Ubuntu Linux + Firefox 上使用「台新銀行網路 ATM」

我已經過了十年沒有 M$ Windows 的生活了,近年使用玉山銀行 WebATM 都很順暢
我同時也有用其他幾家的帳戶,包括有支援 Linux 但是做得很應付台新銀行

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Monday 2014 April 21

HOWTO: Ubuntu 14.04 安裝 嘸蝦米輸入法

很多人習慣用嘸蝦米輸入法,順手寫了安裝介紹,希望能有幫助。(iBus 沒試成功,請用 gcin)

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Thursday 2011 June 23

HOWTO - 在 Ubuntu/Linux 中關閉 IPv6 支援。

同文分享於 Ubuntu-TW 論壇

因為 IPv4 的耗盡,現在全世界都在推行 IPv6。大家可能都知道,Ubuntu 預設支援 IPv6。
這是很好的事情,但有時候你在所處得環境中根本無法使用 IPv6。

比如說,如果你在某個服務的設定檔中設定了 listen_ip= 並且希望這個服務能自動跑在你所有的網路介面,你可能得不到你想要的。

這是因為,如果這個服務同時支援了 IPv4 和 IPv6 而且沒做好防呆,你的系統會預設自動讓他聽 IPv6 :::80。這就是為什麼即使你的網路是通的,你還是沒法連接到你的服務上。
(當然,也可以增加 Firefox 的查詢速度。)
請注意,只有在你的網路環境不支援 IPv6 時,才推薦從系統上關閉。否則,請支持 IPv6 普及化的推動。

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Friday 2011 April 15

HOWTO - Disable IPv6 support in Ubuntu/Linux.

As many people know, Ubuntu supports IPv6 by default.
It's nice but sometimes you don't have chance to use IPv6 in your network environment.
And maybe, sometimes it brings few more complexity for your system administration tasks.

For example, if you set listen_ip= in a services daemon's config file and hope it can listen to all of the IPv4 IPs of your network interfaces, you might not get what you want.

This is because, if the daemon supports both IPv4 and IPv6, it will listen to IPv6 :::80 by default. That's why you cannot connect to your service even the network link is up.

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Thursday 2011 March 17

HOWTO: PPTP: Ubuntu Client connect to Windows VPN Server

The company I work for just starting to use Windows ISA Server (or whatever) in some places.
And also, they use the Windows server to be a VPN server.
As Micro$oft doesn't officially support OpenVPN, and we don't consider IPsec to be used for end users, they decide to use the fu*king insecure PPTP, which I would definitely never wanna try.
That's where my Nightmare starts.

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Thursday 2009 September 24

HOWTO: KVM - build ubuntu guest VM, bridge network and iptables port forwarding

Once you install and setup KVM, configure kvm itself and system network bridge interface correctly on your Ubuntu server,
you can now starting to build a guest OS / disk image, run it, and use iptables to forward connections to those new VPSes.

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HOWTO: flush / clean DNS cache in Linux

Sometimes your system caches too much on DNS query / records.

DNS caching helps alot on reducing time and bandwidth when your application needs DNS informations,
but just like anything else in the world; it's not a good thing when it does too over.

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Sunday 2009 July 12

I need 64bit kernel on my 32bit Ubuntu system...

1. I got 4G ram installed on my IBM X61 Laptop, with Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Desktop for i386 installed.
2. I need to use my whole 4G of ram bcoz I always has about 400 tabs opened in my Firefox.

All 32bit system can allocat only 33.5G of memory.

X61 uses Intel chips and VGA chip, which is some kind of shit.
Want to improve the xorg's intel driver, you got to install the latest kernel and driver, with UXA mode enabled.
Then, you might get glxgear score about 700~800fps, nice.

Now here comes the problem.
Kernel's PEM conflicts with UXA, and makes the UXA's advanced GPU memory handling unusable.
So I can only have two choice:
1. Use generic kernel and better graphic performance, but only 3G of ram. But my memory is always full.
2. Use server kernel, got whole 4G of ram, but the glxgear score is only about 220fps. Sucks!

With 64bit system, the kernel can natively support to 64G of ram, so I can use 64bit generic kernel with whole my 4G of ram and enjoy the 800fps glxgear score. That's Great!

BUT, How To Install a AMD64 (64bit) Kernel on my i386 (32bit) System?
I did some google search but still find nothing really helpful...

Wednesday 2009 July 8

sockstat for Linux

sockstat was only for freebsd, now it's on linux too. something like ‘lsof -i -n’ or ‘netstat -anpe‘.

You can get the 0.3-1ubuntu1 version at the "Builds":

I download it and install it on my jaunty i386 without any problem.
Intro by chihchun: