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Monday 2017 April 17

Secure Web Connection with Lighttpd + Let’s Encrypt = A+ score on ssllabs (HTTPS + HSTS)

Lighttpd + Let’s Encrypt + This HOWTO = A+ score on ssllabs (HTTPS + HSTS)
My A+ report:
ssllabs A+ rating for

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Sunday 2017 April 16

Writing Post on Drupal with Markdown

Drupal is great but could be even better with Markdown.
This is the HOWTO you're looking for.
This article is written in markdown.

Env: Drupal 7

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Thursday 2017 April 13

D-Link AP/Router 路由器、分享器 - 設定區網電腦使用固定 IP

「新增 DHCP 保留」時「無效的主機名稱」錯誤 解決方法

以 DIR-865L 為例

前提:DHCP 功能必須開啟

設定 -> 網路設定 -> 新增 DHCP 保留
從「電腦名稱」下拉選單中選擇電腦。並按旁邊的 <<< 按鈕以複製電腦資訊。
如果沒有看到,請將要被設定的那台電腦斷線重連(強至跟 DHCP 伺服器重新取得 IP),然後重新整理頁面,就會看到了。
修改輸入框中的「IP 位址」成你希望未來那台電腦固定使用的 IP。
按下 新增/更新 後記得要再按下頁面最下方的 儲存設定


如果跳出「無效的主機名稱」錯誤,解決方法很簡單,換成用 Firefox,如果有封鎖 JavaScript 的話請允許執行,就能立刻解決!XDDD

在 Docker 中使用 Linux 版微軟 Microsoft SQL Server

最近向我尋求顧問諮詢的組織單位中,其中一個再也受不了微軟的天價授權費勒索,打算用 Linux (Ubuntu) 替換掉所有 Windows Server。
用 PHP、Java 以及其他跨平台語言撰寫的服務要轉移很容易。但是其中一些系統使用 MicroSoft SQL Server 作為資料庫。
治本的方法是轉移到 MySQL、MariaDB 或其他 OpenSource 資料庫系統,但那需要時間來處理所有 schema 以及 query 的轉換。
另一個方法是在 Docker 中使用 Linux 版微軟 Microsoft SQL Server 作為暫時性的過渡時期解法。

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Running Microsoft SQL Server on Linux in Docker

One of the organizations that recently consulted me for advice, no longer willing to be extortion by Microsoft's high licensing fees, and plans to replace all Windows Server with Linux (Ubuntu).
No big deal for services written in PHP, Java, and other cross platform languages. But some of the systems use MicroSoft SQL Server as their Database.
The permanent cure is to migrate to MySQL, MariaDB, or other OpenSource Databases. But it takes time to translate all schema and queries.
The other solution is to use Microsoft SQL Server on Linux in Docker as a temporary workaround.

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Saturday 2016 November 12

[HOWTO] Single-Host OpenStack installation with conjure-up, juju, LXD, and ZFS on Ubuntu 16.04

I 've had enough of VMware and it's service. I need something better for my DataCenter.
OpenStack seems to have the functions I need, and got a big community supporting it.
Before adopting, some pilot tests are required.
I've setup a Single-Host OpenStack (everything on one server), use Nova LXD, and ZFS.

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[HOWTO] Update all firmware and drivers at once on Dell server (with bootable CD / USB)

I run Ubuntu Linux on my Dell server, so those SUU doesn't work.
The easiest way to update all it's firmwares is, use a bootable CD to do the thing for you, automatically.

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Monday 2016 March 21

HOWTO - Set Tag color on

Taiga is a nice tool for project management for Scrum / Agile development.
But the Tag Color setting on UI is missing so there's no way to change or modify tag color after creating.
We have to set it manually via REST interface.
And this is HOW.

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Saturday 2010 July 10

Web Log Visualization with logstalgia

$ logstalgia --output-ppm-stream - -s 10 -f --start-position 0.01 --stop-position 0.2 severity_v2_access.log.filter-118.160.72  --output-framerate 30 |  ffmpeg -y -b 256K -r 30 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -vcodec libx264 coscup2010-register_0.01-0.2_speed10_45min-filter_118.160.72.mp4

Tuesday 2009 July 21

HITCON 2009 WarGame / CTF writeup 解題分享

這次很開心跟 Dark, H4K, TW1943 一起組隊玩 wargame.
當初預定拿 200 分的目標有達到, 雖然沒拿第一名不過重點是培養了團隊默契, 感覺真的很棒.
回想起四五年前和 devil2k 一起 team hacking 德國佬網站的日子, 到現在已經很久沒有這種感覺了.
謝謝你, 2963. 啊不是, 我是說, 謝謝你們, Zuso Security 的朋友們.

其實應該可以再拿 80 分的... 因為
guestbook 在最後十分鐘 admin 沒進來, 所以沒拿到 session.
有兩題 windows 題在時間結束後十分鐘內解出來

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Sunday 2009 July 12

FSCK Gandi's Blog Service Again.

There seems No Way to change my blog's theme/template....

FSCK GANDI's Blog Service.

I spend about half of an hour of my time to write my blog post and submit.
No error, the input box became blank. It's usual when posting a post successfully.

But when I check my blog, nothing shows.

Back to the dashboard and click some link, I asks me to login again.
WTF?! Where's My Article?! Damned It!!!!

Tuesday 2007 November 20


What I want is a English or Chinese Interface, why does Gandi force me to use French?